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   In the news today were the stories of two individuals who suffered heart attacks as a result of shoveling snow from the recent storm.  Sadly, both of these men died from their health emergencies.  One person was 88 years old, and the other was in his late 70’s.  My heart is sad for their family members.  I am also asking myself these questions, did they have family or close neighbors who could have done the shoveling work for them?  The answer to this question I will never know.

   The whole situation has made me think, however, about how compassionate I am when I know about or see someone who is in need.  During this week of prayer and fasting with the Brethren in Christ we are considering how one of our core values “compassion” is being demonstrated in our lives.  Jesus was indeed a man of prayer, yet He did not neglect the virtue of compassion.  He demonstrated compassion to so many people and in varying situations. 

   In Matthew 15:30-38 we find that our Savior has compassion on thousands of people who are in need of food.  Out of seemingly nothing the Lord provides food for the thousands and had leftovers as well.  Jesus could have thanked the crowd and sent them on their way.  Instead, the Lord invites His disciples to learn about being compassionate and how He, the Lord, will provide.  In this week of prayer and reflection let us take a look around and see where we can be people of compassion.

   Perhaps with the next snowfall you can assist a neighbor with shoveling their walk or driveway.  A single parent could use a break for an evening meal and enjoy your provision of a cooked meal or take-out dinner.  Maybe the elderly person down the road could use, even for a few minutes, a visit or phone call just to let them know someone cares. 

How is the Lord calling us to show compassion today and how might we in addition to prayer have an impact on our world for Jesus?


    Pastor Dan

     Marsh Creek Brethren in Christ Church

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Pastor Dan is bi-vocational. He works part time for radio station WRGN hosting a contemporary Christian music program called "Refresh and Renew".

It airs from 2pm to 5pm (ET)  Mondays through Fridays and can be heard anywhere in the world where there's internet access.

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